There are idea's to add several features. Currently the playlist system is not really in use yet, so we have to do something about that. More importantly, at Biton, we have discussions about adding a open-tagging system, adding a Markov-chain (to see which items were ever played after or before a track), and adding a iTunes-like artist-album-track view and search. The open-tagging system and the Markov-chain idea's are things to help less experienced DJ's with getting to know the tracks that are allright to play.

So, DJ Cronnor 2.0 is more or less the basic system, and now it's time to expand it to lift it to a higher level.

Also, if CPS 1.50 (the library that is used for all realtime stuff) is updated for Macintosh OS-X, then we will release a Macintosh version as well.